Do you know the Rich South Brazil?

Every year when I visit clients and business associates in South of Brazil, I’m impressed by the hard working people, the economic developments, and the number of major international companies finding their way to smaller sections of this wealthy region.

The States names probably are not familiar to you, but Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul are among the richest and most industrialized States of Brazil.

The three South States of Brazil, which are Brazil’s smallest geographic region, combined represent a 16.2% of the country’s total GDP and make them the second region with the largest GDP in the Brazilian nation.

The South States are behind only to the Southeast region of Brazil that alone makes up to more than 50% of the entire country’s GDP. Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná and Santa Catarina, rank fourth, fifth and sixth places respectively in the largest economies of Brazil. 1


Rio Grade do Sul

Rio Grade do Sul economy has been know to thrive for its agribusinesses with main products like soybeans, wheat, rice, tobacco, mate tea and grapes; leather, footwear, automotive, chemical, lumber, wine industries and more recently a great revival of the naval industry.

In the recent years the naval industry received major investments to make the naval cluster in Rio Grande do Sul, the second largest in the country specialized in the production of offshore oil platforms. 2


Paraná, is a state proud of its traditions and balanced with modern technology spread in different sectors of everyday life. Curitiba, the state capital is a modern city and is considered one of the most sustainable cities in the world.

It distinguishes itself for planning and taking measures to create a sustainable urban development. Curitiba has received several awards in sustainability, like the Globe Sustainable City Award 2010 among others. 3 You will find important green initiatives throughout the State at the governmental and private levels.

Paraná, as Rio Grande do Sul, also has a strong agriculture sector and main crops include wheat, corn, soybeans, cotton and coffee. The state has a diversified industry that includes automotive, pulp and paper, lumber, meat packing and agribusiness. 4

Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina, this state has an island as its capital, the city of Florianópolis. This capital city has 42 beautiful beaches and an extensive coast offering visitors amazing scenery.

Santa Catarina, thrives on agribusiness, fishery, textile, tourism and food industries. Having the two largest food companies from Brazil, Santa Catarina is the largest exporter of poultry and pork meat. 5

One important characteristic of this state is the responsibility with a sustainable growth. Hundreds of companies have ISO-9000 and ISO-1400. In addition, almost 80% of the companies in the state organize or participate in social projects related to education, food, social assistance and sports benefiting the most needed communities.

The three South States of Brazil have many great things in common, among them are the hard working people, deep-rooted traditions, skilled labor, high quality of life and economic power.

Based on my latest round of visits and observations of the Brazilian South States in 2013 and 2014, I would highlight the following segments for upcoming business opportunities: naval offshore technologies, wine production, organic foods, mobile and green technologies.

Now you know a bit more about the South!


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