Services To U.S. Companies

Decisive Consulting Services to Build Your Overseas Business

You have been thinking for a while now that your product or service has great potential in a foreign market. However, you don’t speak the language and hiring a full-time person with the international business and language expertise is not in your plans for now.

Where to start? Contact us. We can make your foreign business venture much easier.

Work With Businesses In Brazil

Country Consulting Services — Brazil

Our native language fluency, international business expertise and in-country working business experience make us a solid partner choice for your company right here in the U.S.

Our team will work with you as a source of business and market consulting, essential industry and market research, and language communication assistance whenever you are prospecting or managing your businesses in Brazil.

Rest assured, we have a tailored solution for your international business needs.

Supplier Prospect Report — Brazil

Because we partner with industry and trade associations in Brazil, we can help you search for qualified suppliers there.

We will develop a list of potential Brazilian suppliers; provide contact information, the company background, products and services description; and our own insights, comments and notes on the listed companies. Most of the time, we include the price quotes for products and services sourced.

We contact each of the prospect companies to verify that they match your specifications and they are ready to do business with you in Brazil.

Our Country Prospect Report also includes a follow-up service with you to verify that the communication process is flowing between you and your chosen overseas supplier. If you need assistance in contacting companies in Brazil, we can help you with our tailored Country Consulting Services.

Language Support

Don’t let language barriers create business barriers.

Our language support services include translation, localization or review and assessment of your marketing materials and sales media, brochures and sale sheets. Localization services are available to companies doing businesses in Brazil.

Our translation services are available in Portuguese and Spanish languages.