Market And Training Visits

Get your luggage ready. We’re taking you on a very dynamic U.S. market visit!

Market Intelligence Prospecting Visit

Attend a trade fair, visit companies or retail shops and talk to people in your industry with pre-scheduled meetings.

We’ll create an agenda for you, make all the appointments, schedule the business meetings and make all the arrangements for you to attend a selected trade show. As with most of our services, we will provide a follow-up report to you.

Our market prospecting visits aim to provide you with an ample and relevant business perspective and an opportunity to experience the U.S. market first hand.

Teamwork Training and Guidance

Industry Regulation Training Visit

This service is organized for groups interested in learning about a particular industry regulation straight from U.S. sources.

Get together with your industry or trade association and let us organize a regulatory training visit for your industry group—with language interpreting services included.

Our trainings are organized with U.S. Government agencies whenever they have trainings available; otherwise, trainings are organized with highly specialized U.S. industry professionals.

You will also have the advantage of receiving your training materials in Portuguese or Spanish. For additional information, contact us directly.