Business And Marketing Management

Decisive plans to help you succeed.

Now that we’ve provided you with great business and market intelligence, let’s team up and draw a plan!

Business and Marketing Management

How We Can Help Your Business Expand

Marketing Strategies

We’ll create a strategic marketing plan that will help you achieve your international expansion goals.

Our marketing plans include trade shows, food and wine tastings, seminars and pop-up stores, among others. Once you have approved the marketing plan for the year, we’ll execute it and manage all the marketing initiatives in the U.S. for you.

We’ll periodically meet with you and you’ll receive frequent updates and a complete report after each completed marketing action. We’re especially excited about our Trade Show Service that includes a series of pre- and post-show actions powered with onsite data collection and market research.

Let us help you to save time, eliminate language and culture misunderstandings, reduce costs and increase your bottom line.

Trade Shows

Power your trade show and promotion with our decisive services that include:

  • First and foremost, the expertise of our team
  • Assistance in the trade show selection, price quotes, and all tradeshow logistics
  • Marketing materials and samples delivery; and business meetings and seminar scheduling

We provide you with daily trade show booth assistance with the knowledge of your industry, company, product and customer in addition to the multi-language value-added of our services. We collect contact information from your booth visitors and provide the leads data to you and your sales team.

We can even maximize your trade show presence and market intelligence with a custom-designed market research or survey done onsite!

Tailored Business Solution

We created this service for those clients that need assistance with their everyday operations abroad.

Some of the issues companies face are:

  • Understanding government regulations
  • FDA inquiries
  • Finding the appropriate business lawyer
  • Communicating with a new buyer or supplier
  • Needing assistance in following up with clients or suppliers

Regardless of what you need to operate successfully in the U.S., we are here to help you. We will develop a tailored business solution that specifically addresses your needs in the U.S. market.

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