Team Feedback And Event Highlights

We work with great clients and associates across a variety of industries. At the center stage, here are a few of the comments our clients and colleagues had about us.

“We were referred by Apex (the Brazilian Export Agency) to CIN-PR (the International Business Center for the State of Paraná) and they referred us to the U.S. local partner Decisive. At Decisive they were always very professional and helpful, we were able to talk about the U.S. market and exchange information that gave a greater understanding to our aspired goal. We recommend it to those who are looking for this type of internationalization process.”
— Luis Guillerme Mazziotti | Midaz Group, Brazil

“I had the pleasure of working with Herilaine… She is a highly qualified professional with distinguished leadership skills. Herilaine coordinated with excellence different departments to outstandingly close whatsoever international tasks she had at hand. She managed with superiority her global clientele portfolio and was well liked by her clients and colleagues alike. Herilaine is a major asset to any corporation or organization that she is part of. I will always remember Herilaine for her constructive thinking and outstanding professionalism.”
— Frank Dashkiewicz | U.S.A.

“Herilaine brought diligence and insight to the research she conducted which enabled us to make accurate and reasoned decisions. Her energy and enthusiasm makes her a valued addition to any team either as a leader or a participant.”
— Alexandre Wyllie | Brazil

“Herilaine arrived in our office… with great energy and high idea flow. She took responsibility for several important projects and breathed life into them. Our clients reacted with enthusiasm and praise for the commercial results she created for them. She was a strong team player and supported the overall mission of the office, which freed me up to concentrate on other long-term projects. Lastly, she is probably one of the most positive and effective professionals I have ever come across.”
— Mack Tadeu | U.S.A.

Event Highlights

We are constantly looking for the best way to help our clients showcase their products. Attending business and trade events gives us the opportunity to meet with industry experts, stay informed about innovations and new technology, market trends and much more.

Here are some of our comments and feedback to the business and trade events we have attended:

New York City Food and Wine Festival — A Memorable Experience!

What an Amazing experience for Decisive International Market Access to be at the celebrated New York City Food and Wine Festival and attending the wine seminar and tasting “Burgundy: The True Terroir” hosted by Laurent Drouhin of Maison Joseph Drouhin. Laurent pleasantly spoke about the history of Burgundy region, and how a complete natural environment, embracing elements like the soil, topography and climate can produce a delightful wine. In addition, he captivated us with his family’s history and winemaking traditions.

It was indeed a sophisticated, yet cozy, wine seminar and tasting. Understanding the distinct terroir of a particular wine and the history of the winemaker, helps to complete the experience of appreciating a wine, the dedication of winemakers, the importance and the art of the wine process.

Tri-State Food Expo — An Opportunity to See Great New Products

Attending the Tri-State Food Expo gave us the opportunity to see at firsthand some great new products to the show and some even to the market.

The newcomers that we got to speak to were: Gotas de Abril olive oil, ChaiElixir, LLC, Silva Regal, Mint Savor, AMP — Anti-Microbial Products, Bamboo Studio, Bon Vivant Sourcing LLC, Bread Empire, Catering Box (The), Forte Products Solutions, Sarbari, Inc. and Sea Box Inc/Cold Storage 2 Go.

It was insightful to speak individually to companies that attended the event, exchange markets information and learn about some of the innovative products presented at the show.

2014 New Jersey Harvest Wine Festival — An Evening of Fine Wines

Participating for the first time at the NJ Harvest Wine Festival, gave us chance to see a young crowd enjoying the 9th annual festival.

There were more than 150 wines, including fine domestic wines as well as imported wines from France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Chile, Australia and South Africa. We also attended a wine tasting class presented by Van Vera Fine Wine, a local importer and distributor of fine wines from Italy, Chile and Argentina.

Overall the NJ Harvest Wine Festival was a nice opportunity to explore, learn and see firsthand how this event can benefit our clients in sponsoring or perhaps exhibiting their wines if they are new to the industry.