Discovering the Powerful Regional Economy of “Campos Gerais” in Brazil

Campos Gerais

Campos Gerais is a small region of South Brazil with an impressive economy

The region of Campos Gerais is very familiar to me and I want to share with you its impressive economic data. But, before we get to the “numbers”, let me tell you a little about this picturesque region.

Composed of 23 municipalities, Campos Gerais has a population of almost 1 million with a majority of immigrant descendants from European countries like Germany, Netherland, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Italy and Spain. This heritage gives the region a special color to the architecture of several towns and a distinctive flavor to the region’s gastronomy. 1

Campos Gerais in located in the South region of Brazil, in the State of Paraná, the fifth richest State of the country.

Its central location East of Paraná is strategic to commerce and businesses in the State. In the region of Campos Gerais you have important highways that connect North and South of Brazil and highways that connect the State capital (Curitiba) to the rest of the Paraná State and Brazil’s other southern states. 2 Its combination of highways and railroads is considered the most important transportation network of South Brazil. 3

The 23 municipalities of Campos Gerais have the combined consumer power of over R$13 billion. 4

The economy growth of the region is composed of a strong agribusiness sector. Within the region you will find the largest Brazilian producers of milk, wheat and black beans; the largest State’s producers of onions, tomato and honey.

However, the region has had significant industrial developments in the last six years and now has the second most important industrial complex in the State.

Campos Gerais is home to major national companies such us Kablin (pulp & paper), Ambev (beverages), BRF Brasil Foods (food & beverage), Sudati (lumber); and international giants including Cargil (U.S.), Heineken (Netherlands), Tetra Pak (U.S.), Makita (Japan), Continental ContiTech (Germany), Louis Dreyfus (French), DAF (U.S.), Stora Enso (Finland), Pisa (Chile) and Beaulieu Brasil (Belgium), among others.

One small town alone in Campos Gerais, holds the record for the Paraná State largest private investment in the amount of almost R$ 5.8 billion — Projeto Puma. The project will be a manufacturing plant of cellulose fibers for the Brazilian giant Kablin and it’s expected to open in 2016. 5

In the upcoming months, we will explore a little more this amazing South Brazil region and the R$2.7 billion in investments booming this year. 6


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