Helping Companies Access Foreign Markets and Expand Internationally

There is always the possibility that someone across the ocean will find your business and make a purchase. However, why would you leave it up to chance? Take charge and take the decisive steps to grow internationally.

Your Trusted Overseas Source

Do you have the expertise and resources to make your expansion in the international market?

This important venture requires a trusted and local business partner to help you manage several — and many times, all aspects — of your international business launch.

We understand the challenges of doing business internationally especially if you lack large-corporation resources. We know that when accessing international markets you need a dedicated overseas team in the market to help you achieving your growth goals.

As an international business and marketing management company, Decisive International Market Access assists businesses around the world to enter and expand in the U.S. and Latin America markets.

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Comprehensive Strategic Services

Partnering with us, gives business enterprises a single trusted and highly experienced source for clients to establish and expand internationally.

Our value-added services combine international market expertise, business development and marketing experience, access to local business networks and language fluency to help companies growing internationally more easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

We work primarily with small and medium-size enterprises to strategize their access, development and management of their presence in the U.S. market. Our expertise also includes tailored services to U.S. companies doing business in Latin America. All of our solutions aim to deliver decisive results for our clients’ sustainable growth.

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Experienced International Business Team

Combined we have over sixty-five years of experience in international business and marketing. We are composed of professionals skilled in various aspects of business development, marketing and management. We have the working business experience and language fluency in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Our team members have lived and worked in major world cities throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Our vast international business experience and broad industry backgrounds enable us to work on a wide range of projects and processes.

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Take Charge, Keep Informed About Global Opportunities and Take the Decisive Steps to Grow Your Business Internationally.